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WordPress video gallery
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Show off your Vimeo videos in the layout of your choice. No coding skills necessary.

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Vimeography - Wordpress Video Gallery

Vimeography provides the tools to create
and style your own custom WordPress video gallery.

Custom themes

Vimeography themes make your gallery stand out from the rest.
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Flexible Settings

Control featured videos, caching, themes, video counts and more.
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Fully Customizable

Change the appearance to perfectly match your site's theme.
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Extensive help

Plenty of tutorial videos, a complete user guide and the FAQ.
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SEO Friendly

All galleries are built for maximum SEO support.
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Unlimited galleries

Make one or 100. Vimeography grows with your collection.
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Vimeography Pro

Supercharge your Vimeography galleries

Sort your videos, create playlists, show unlimited videos and more.

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Vimeography in Action

Greyscalegorilla Chop Shop Honest Cooking Red Car

"If you upload to Vimeo and have a Wordpress site,
Vimeography is a must-have download."
- Creativebloq
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