Help! My theme doesn’t look right!

First of all, don’t worry! I promise you that we can get it looking right. This can be caused by a multitude of things, so try the following (in the order of appearance):

  • Make sure that your Vimeography shortcode isn’t bolded.
  • Try surrounding your Vimeography shortcode in [raw][/raw] tags.
  • Make sure that your WordPress theme is not including multiple versions of jQuery and is using the latest version.
  • Make sure that your theme is calling the wp_footer(); function so that all of the Vimeography stylesheets are printed.
  • Try disabling other plugins that are used for photo galleries, minifying scripts, widgets, or otherwise alter your blog’s appearance, one by one, and really determining if you need it.

I’m getting an error: the plugin did not retrieve data from the Vimeo API! connect() timed out!

This usually means that Vimeo is having some network issues. Follow @Vimeo on twitter for updates. If Vimeo is not reporting any issues, you’ll need to contact your host and ask why you are unable to connect to Vimeo’s IP address. It may be that your host has blocked server access via a firewall.

I’m having trouble installing a theme.

Make sure you’re installing the theme as a normal WordPress plugin. Go to the “Plugins” section of your WordPress site, click on “Add New” at the top, and then click on “Upload”. Finally, choose the .zip file you downloaded and click Install.

How do I get the latest updates for my themes?

In your receipt email, you were given an Activation Code for your purchase. You can enter this code on the My Themes pages, under the Vimeography tab of your WordPress installation. Updates will be delivered to your site just like any other WordPress plugin.

How do I add my gallery to a post or page?

Easy! All you have to do is type [vimeography id="#"], where # is replaced by the ID number of your gallery.

Where do I find the ID number of my gallery?

Each gallery’s ID number is located next to the gallery’s title in the first column on the edit galleries page.

Can I change the colors/layout of my theme?

Heck yeah! Use the appearance editor to change your theme’s style so that it matches your site perfectly.

Can I override my gallery settings in the shortcode?

Sure thing! You can define all of the properties found in the admin panel right in your shortcode as well. Try using one, any, or all of the following parameters:

[vimeography id="3" theme="thumbs" featured="http://vimeo.com/28380190" source="http://vimeo.com/channels/staffpicks" cache="3600" width="600px"]

Can I add the gallery to my theme’s sidebar/footer/header etc.?

Yes, but you’ll need some PHP knowledge to do it! Open the file you want to add the gallery to, and type <?php do_shortcode('[vimeography id="#"]'); ?>, where # is replaced by the ID number of your gallery.

How do I change the order of my videos in my gallery?

You can do this with Vimeography Pro, an add-on plugin that gives you much more control over your galleries.

What else can Vimeography Pro do?

Vimeography Pro allows you to show unlimited videos, use Vimeo portfolios, display hidden videos, have more advanced theme appearance controls, sort your videos, and soon will allows for inline galleries, playlists and more!