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The Difference Between Vimeo Plus vs. Pro

It’s easy to get stuck when trying to make a decision about which Vimeo plan might be the best fit for you or your company. On one hand, you probably want to save a little bit of money and start off with the Vimeo Plus plan ($7/month) – but, Vimeo Pro ($20/month) comes jam packed… Read more »

How to Run a Video Contest on WordPress

Video contests are a great marketing tactic for helping to spread the word about your brand, mission, or product. With the ubiquity of video-capable devices like iPhones, tablets, and webcams, your users can become an army of crusaders for your mission by creating a video related to your own prompt with very little friction. Think… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Video Memberships

The best ways to increase engagement on your video membership site Learn how video galleries can create a better experience for your members If you’re not already offering video content on your membership site, you’re missing a huge market opportunity. Video has proven to be one of the best ways to deliver premium content to… Read more »

Increase Video Plays with Thumbnails

What is a video thumbnail? Your gallery displays little pictures that represent your Vimeo videos. Some people call these poster frames or preview images — we call them thumbnails, and they are an excellent way to entice your viewers to click through to watch your videos. Why are video thumbnails important? It’s a good idea to… Read more »